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394 Westfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06606
Tel: (203) 258 ~ 3865, Fax: (203) 365 ~ 0536
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Ward Thrasher is founder of Thrasher Tech. He is a former
private practice attorney, having specialized in intellectual
property, business finance and taxation and general business
matters. A member of the Microsoft Advisory Panel,
Mr. Thrasher holds a number of technical industry
certifications and is an adjunct faculty member of the
University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT where he teaches
computer application and information services, as well as
accounting and related courses. He has industry
experience in finance, insurance, manufacturing, distribution,
health and leisure and professional services, and previously
held securities broker and life and health insurance broker licenses.

To ensure our clients receive the prompt attention they require,
remote access support systems are employed whenever possible,
enabling Thrasher Tech to provide support from anywhere in the
world. Thrasher Tech also enjoys professional relationships
with other leading service provides and collaborates with them
as necessary to ensure guaranteed customer service levels
are attained.